Pace introduces multiroom DVR solution for whole home playback

Of all the tech in my home one of the devices that I just can't live without is my DVR. Even my kids are hooked; they can't understand why you can't fast-forward every show that comes on TV. I have two DVRs in my house and what I would really like is a single DVR that can play on any TV in my home.

A company called Pace has announced a new advanced multiroom DVR that uses a central storage solution to deliver multiple HD streams to set-top boxes within the home. The solution is also integrated with the Interactive Program Guide from Rovi and uses Rovi connected Platform software.

The slick multiroom DVR offers dual tuner HD-DVR functionality to each connected TV in the home. Storage for all programming is to a single NAS device and the DVR can send programs to non-DVR tuners around the home as well. The coolest part is that the device can handle and distribute nine HD streams at once throughout the home and users can record six HD programs at one time. How exactly it pulls that off with only two tuners is unknown.