Pac-Man Shot Glasses Inspire Chasers

There are six glasses, featuring many of the characters from the original Pac-Man. They are Pac-Man (duh), Inky, Blinky, Winky, and Clyde, there is also the Cherries.

They are 1.5 fluid ounces each and look cool as hell, even in their 8-bit glory. What would you do while drinking from these glasses? Play Pong. No, I would recommend you start with Pac-Man, and then maybe, as your faculties leave you, you could downgrade to Pong.

clubNAMCO is only making 2500 of these, and are charging $29.99 each, so hurry up and go get yours now. As always, drink responsibly and never drink and drive, or you could do with them what I assume most people who buy them will, put them on a shelf and never use them.

Pac-man shot glasses: inky, blinky, winky and drinky [via technabob]