Pac-Man on MacBook Pro Touch Bar can only end in death

Not everyone is convinced of the utility of the late 2016 MacBook Pro's fancy new Touch Bar, especially those whose existence depends on the Esc and Function keys. Ironically enough, everyone does seem convinced that Apple's latest eccentricity is crazy fun to hack and repurpose for so many not so useful things. We've seen everything from playing the piano on it or even playing a game of DOOM inside it. While not as insane as the latter, this Pac-Man "endless runner" game is just was whacked.

It is quite possibly the most depressing game of Pac-Man ever designed as well. Especially if you're Pac-Man. Pac-Man titles usually involve mazes ranging from simple to intricate. Given the dearth of screen space on this OLED strip, you really only have one path to go through. Actually, there are two tunnels as well, but they're so short that, thanks to space folding and tesseracts, passing through one warps you to the other tunnel.

Long story short, it's a Pac-Trap and the poor chomping yellow ball really has no way out. While there's only one ghost, there are no Power Pellets. The ghost will eventually catch up. Maybe they should have called this "port" of the game "Ghost's Revenge." Or an even more horrifying "Pixels".

Actually, the name of the game is "Pac-Bar" and developer Henry Frank has generously made it available on GitHub for everyone to enjoy (torturing Pac-Man). Those who don't want to build it themselves can just download the and drop it into the Applications folder and run it as a normal app.

VIA: Mashable