PA for iPod gets your tunes heard

Before I spent the entirety of my free time wading through self-congratulatory press releases and heaping scorn on electronic crap, I used to stand on a soap-box in various areas and berate the populous for their idle ways and licentious lifestyles.  Sadly there's little space in my schedule for insulting teenage mothers and the moist elderly any more, which is why I'm so pleased to see Ion Audio's PA system for the iPod.

The $299 iPA03 is pretty much a bloody great 2-way speaker system, iPod dock and the rechargeable battery to power them.  It'll last up to six hours at high volumes (longer than I could ever manage before being moved on by the local constabulary) and should you decide to interrupt with some impromptu beatboxing then there's a microphone input for the included mic. 

Ion Audio [via The Red Ferret Journal]