P2i aims to bring waterproof smartphones to the mainstream

We've seen our fair share of smartphones and devices that claim to be "water-resistant" or something close, but the folks from P2i aim to deliver the full experience to all smartphones. Yesterday we showed you guys Liquipel that will treat and waterproof your device for a fee, but P2i wants our OEMs to launch phones already fully protected.

The technology, product, and option isn't really anything new at the moment. It features the same process that will treat your smartphone or tablet on a molecular level. Essentially coating every aspect of the device in a waterproof film invisible to the eye. This covers the electronics inside, speaker grills, cameras and everything else.

We've already been enjoying P2i's technology in some of our favorite Android smartphones. The "Splash Guard" feature that Motorola introduced with their DROID RAZR and RAZR HD is all P2i. The difference between them and other companies is P2i wants our device to be protected out of the box, rather then ship them off for a water-proofing process.

Shown off here at CES 2013 is their brand new technology that builds on Splash Guard to make the entire device 100% waterproof, or what they call "dunkable" to the point where we can drop our smartphone in the tub for hours at a time without harm. As you saw in my image above they featured the Samsung Galaxy S III resting at the bottom of a tank completely unharmed. So while this technology is slowly becoming available to end users, hopefully we'll just enjoy future smartphones that are 100% waterproof thanks to technology from P2i. They're working with multiple partners and will be launched inside millions of smartphones throughout 2013.