OWC unveils new 2011 MacBook HDD/SSD upgrades

Shane McGlaun - Mar 2, 2011
OWC unveils new 2011 MacBook HDD/SSD upgrades

If you have plans to get your hands on one of the recently announced MacBook Pro notebooks with the new 2011 features you are not alone. The downside to buying a Mac is that the machines are more expensive than a similar PC. Mac upgrades are also often more costly than adding things like larger HDDs and SSDs to comparable PCs. If you are a Mac fan and want to buy the basic machine and then upgrade storage yourself, OWC has some new upgrade kits for you.

OWC has unveiled new internal HDD and SSD upgrades for the 2011 MacBook Pro machines. The company has a 1TB HDD kit that will fit into the 13-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch models. The 1TB kit sells for $137.99. You can also opt for a 750GB kit that sells for $124.99. OWC notes that the 750GB factory upgrade sells for $150. For an extra $25, I would just go with the factory upgrade myself.

The upside to using the OWC solution for your MacBook is that the kit comes with an external enclosure that allows you to use the HDD that ships with the notebook for an external storage device. If you really want all the performance you can get, you can opt for a SSD upgrade form OWC. You can get SSDs up to 480GB and the price for the SSD upgrade kits starts at $114.99.

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