OWC offers up Data Doubler for Mac Mini and iMac

Shane McGlaun - Oct 29, 2010, 3:46am CDT
OWC offers up Data Doubler for Mac Mini and iMac

At one point, most computer users end up needing more space to store data on their computers. We have learned from the world of netbooks and ultraportable notebooks that many of us can get along with an integrated optical drive. It’s very hard to get along when you run out of storage space though.

Back in June I talked a bit about a new offering for MacBooks from OWC that removed the optical drive fort computers and added in a special bracket for a second storage drive called the Data Doubler. OWC is back with a new addition to the Data Doubler line that will let the users of certain Mac mini and iMac desktops get more storage capacity in their machines.

The new kit comes with all the hardware that is needed to add a second HDD or SSD to the mini and it will also fit into some iMac models as well. The bracket replaces the optical drive on both machines just as the original device last summer did. It will fit into early 2009 mini and mid-2009 mini models and will work with 20-inch mid-2009 iMac, 21.5-inch and 27-inch late 2009 iMacs, and mid-2010 iMac models. The kit and hardware sells for $79.99. The Data Doubler can be installed by the user in the mini, but OWC says pro needs to install the device in the iMac.

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