OWC offers RAM upgrades for new iMac

If you plan on ordering one of the new updated iMac computers that Apple unveiled this week, you can save yourself a bit of green by getting the most basic amount of RAM. Apple isn't known for offering good deals when you upgrade memory.

Mac specialty shop OWC has announced memory upgrades specifically for the new iMac computers. Buyers can get 2GB of PC10600 1333MHz SO-DIMM RAM for $59.99. If that isn't enough RAM for you a 4GB kit of the same stuff with a pair of 2GB modules will set you back $117.99.

If you want that 4GB of RAM in a single module, you can get it for $144.99. OWC also has kits with 8GB via a pair of those 4GB modules for $279.99 and a 16GB kit with four of the 4GB modules for $549.99.