OWC offers new 16GB RAM upgrade for new MacBook Pros

If you have a new MacBook Pro and you are in need of a memory upgrade OWC has your back. The company has a full range of RAM upgrades that will slip right into the slots inside the new MacBook Pro notebooks. If you need a crap-ton of RAM inside your rig, OWC can help you there too.

The company has announced a new 16GB RAM kit that will fit the latest notebooks out of Cupertino. The catch (and it is a big, fat, hairy, glaring catch) is that the RAM update costs $1,599.99. Yeah, nearly $1600, that is no typo. You could buy yourself a second notebook for that price.

The RAM is DDR3 SO-DIMM and the 16GB kit is with a pair of 8GB modules. The data rate is DDR3-1333 and the latencies on the RAM are CAS 9-9-9-24. OWC notes that the RAM meets Apple/Intel specifications. At that price, the kit should be delivered by a unicorn wrapped in rainbows.