OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual Mini Storage Device Offers Bus-Powered Hardware RAID

Computer users who need lots of external storage have a bunch of options to choose from. A company named OWC has been producing storage solutions geared towards Mac users for a number of years. The company has unveiled its latest product called the Mercury Elite Pro Dual Mini.

This product is an external storage device that features a pair of hard drives inside of a sleek aluminum enclosure. The device can offer up to 3 TB of storage. The most interesting things about the storage solution is that the pair of individual hard drives inside the small enclosure are set up in RAID.

The external storage solution can be set up for performance or mirroring for data security. Considering that this storage solution has hardware RAID, you might expect it to use an external AC adapter to get power. Thanks to the power miserly design of the hardware and hard drives used the storage solution gets all the power it needs from the USB port on your computer.

Inside the enclosure, the cooling fan is almost silent to keep noise at a minimum. The device supports RAID-1 and RAID-0. The drives can also be used independently. The storage solution is available with 640 GB up to 3 TB of storage. There are also versions available with up to 960 GB of SSD storage. Pricing ranges from slightly under $200 up to $1027 depending on the internal drives chosen.