OWC Media Center bundle turns Mac mini into a home entertainment system

Want a new, OS X based media center experience but can't be bothered putting it all together yourself? OWC is pleased to exchange your money for convenience with the OWC Media Center Solution for the 2010 Mac mini, comprising a pre-upgraded Mac mini, up to 12TB of storage in an external RAID 5 enclosure, various digital TV tuner options and Plex preinstalled.

Plex is a free media player app that allows you to use either an Apple remote or an iOS device running the free controller software to record live TV and manage a library of downloaded and ripped content. In fact, with OWC's setup you can apparently easily rip DVDs to the Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2 RAID enclosure.

Availability is pegged for the end of January, with OWC planning to announce pricing at the same time. Options will range from 4TB – up to 2,045hrs of DVD-quality footage – to 12TB – 6,145hrs – and OWC will also offer Blu-ray too.

Press Release:

OWC Unveils Industry's First Plug And Play Three Screen Home Theater Media Center Solution For 2010 Mac mini At Macworld Expo 2011

Pre-configures 2010 Mac mini as home entertainment media server with first three screen (PC, TV, mobile) interface that simplifies and improves how content is viewed and managed across multiple devices

Options include enough capacity to hold up to 6,145 hours of DVD quality movies with Mercury Pro Qx2 RAID storage solutions up to 12TB – – and the ability to make copies of purchased CD/DVD/Blu-ray media with OWC's Slim portable bus-powered drive

Complete bundled solution includes RAM upgrade to 4GB, HDMI A/V cables, Elgato EyeTV tuner or DVR recorder, and Apple Remote

January 27, 2011 San Francisco, CA — Other World Computing (OWC®) http://www.macsales.com, a leading zero emissions Mac® and PC technology company, announced today its new OWC Media Center Solution for the 2010 Mac mini to address the growing need of consumers wanting to search, navigate, consume, store/backup, and sync digital content from multiple content sources and devices with one easy to use solution. The OWC Media Center Solution includes installing the Plex digital media management platform onto a customer's 2010 Mac mini, upgrading the mini with 4GB of OWC RAM, and bundling all the necessary hardware – including an OWC Mercury Pro™ Qx2 storage solution, OWC Slim portable CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc burner, Elgato EyeTV Hybrid tuner or HD DVR, and Apple Remote – to deliver a complete and hassle-free Plug and Play Mac mini based home theatre/entertainment solution. OWC will be demonstrating the new OWC Media Center Solution and other first-to-market products, like the OWC Mercury Aura Pro SSDs for MacBook Air models, in booth #513 at the Macworld Expo, which begins today in San Francisco, California.

Access And Manage Content Anywhere With Any iOS Device

At the heart of the OWC Media Center Solution is Plex, the first open three screen (PC, TV, mobile) media platform designed to simplify and improve the way people view and manage personal, commercial and streaming content sources across a variety of connected devices. With Plex installed, Mac mini owners can watch videos, access their music library, and control their Plex media manager at home with the included Apple Remote or while mobile with any iOS Device with the Plex iOS application installed.

Plug And Play Media Organization And Storage

The OWC Media Center Solution offers pre-configured Plug and Play organization and high performance storage of all your digital media, whether from local drives, network shares, optical media, and/or the Internet in one, easy to use application without having to install any additional third party plug-ins or programs. Because it requires virtually no hardware, networking, or home theater knowledge, the OWC Media Center Solution ensures even the most novice Mac mini user will able to access their favorite TV programs, movies, photos, and more with the intuitive, yet visually striking interface that compliments the home theatre experience.

Streams Free Media For Greater Viewing Options

Obtaining new content from free online sources with the OWC Media Center Solution is easy too. With the Plex App Store, a built-in library of free third-party plug ins, users can expand their media viewing choices by streaming content from websites like Apple Trailers, Hulu™, Joost™, Netflix®, Pitchfork™, Vimeo®, and YouTube™.

Backup And Save Content

With the included OWC Mercury Pro Qx2 storage solution, users can save up to 12TB of content – enough space for up to 6,145 hours of DVD quality movies – backed up by the safety of RAID 5. And with the optional OWC Slim portable, bus-powered CD/DVD/Blu-ray optical drive and the included MakeMKV application, users can make backups of purchased DVD and Blu-ray media and convert the files for use on any iOS and Android based device.

Watch And Record TV In High Def

Watching and recording TV with a Mac mini has never been easier than it is with Elgato EyeTV products. The OWC Media Center Solution offers a choice of either an EyeTV Hybrid to watch and record cable and broadcast TV channels broadcast in standard definition and unencrypted HD; or an EyeTV HD DVR for capturing up to 1080i HD from a cable or satellite receiver with component video connections. Once a program is recorded, it can be exported to the OWC Mercury Pro Qx2 for permanent storage and later viewing.

Live Product Demos Presented At Macworld Expo

The OWC Media Center Solution for 2010 Mac mini will be demonstrated live at the Macworld Expo in OWC's booth #513. Pricing and ordering information for the custom configured bundle for 2010 Mac mini, which will include a 48 business hours or less installation turnaround, various shipping options, and OWC's renowned warranty coverage; will be announced by the end of January. For additional OWC Media Center Solution details and answers to commonly asked set-up and usage questions, visit: http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/turnkey/Mac_Mini_Media_Center/AV

For more information on the OWC catalog of over 2,900 performance upgrades and accessories, or for reseller inquires, visit: http://eshop.macsales.com/.

"By creating a comprehensive, yet option rich bundle and configuration service, we eliminated all the hassle of incorporating a 2010 Mac mini into a home theatre system," said Larry O'Connor, Founder and CEO, Other World Computing. "This is the ideal solution for managing and viewing personal and public content whether it be a single user or an entire family with multiple devices."

The OWC Media Center Solution Includes:

OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2 storage solution in choice of 4TB, 8TB, and 12TB models pre-set with folders linked to Plex Media Server.

Optional OWC Slim portable, bus-powered CD/DVD/Blu-ray optical drive

HDMI audio and video connection cables

Apple remote control

Quick Start guide

Choice of:

o Elgato EyeTV Hybrid TV tuner stick for watching and recording cable and broadcast TV channels broadcast in standard definition and unencrypted HD.

o Elgato EyeTV HD digital video recorder (DVR) for connecting directly to a cable or satellite receiver to capture premium programming in full HD.