OWC adds new models to Mercury Extreme Pro SSD line

OWC has added some new drives to the Mercury Extreme Pro SSD line. The new drives are the largest capacity in a SSD that is offered by OWC. OWC also claims that the new SSDs offer three new features that you don't see in consumer class SSDs typically.

The features include a sustained data rate of up to 285MB/s with no speed degradation as the drive is used. The drives also feature 7% over-provisioning to maintain data integrity and they use up to 1/7 less power than other SSDs on the market.

The drives use the SandForce controller and are now offered in 60GB, 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB capacities. The 60GB version sells for $219.99, the 120GB is $379.99, and the 240GB is $699.99, with massive 480GB unit selling for $1579.99.