Overwatch's Zenyatta finally walks and it's really weird

One of Overwatch's most popular characters is Zenyatta, the zen healer who sits permanently in a full lotus position, never breaking it despite all his healing and fighting action. He floats in the air, seemingly at peace even when action is going down. Some game fans have asked Blizzard to enable the character to walk, though, and the company has given them what they wanted...sort of.

No, you can't play Zenyatta as a walking character in Overwatch — this isn't a game update, but rather a fun video that Blizzard made and then posted on its Twitter account with a simple "K" next to it, that in reference to someone holding a sign asking for Zenyatta to walk.

And, well...it's not what we expected. It's not what anyone expected. Gravity can't control him; his feet tap the ground in a way that is both playfully mocking the walking world and comically Looney Tunes-esque. His arms remain posed, almost as if they're attached to puppet strings. His knees bounce too high, his feet slap off the ground.

But that's not the end of it. No, Blizzard added Zenyatta's attack in the animation and it takes the weirdness to a new level. The cartoonish walking stride turns into something like a staccato dance. It's an image that will stay stuck in your head forever, or at least lie dormant until the next time you fire up Overwatch.