Overwatch may let PS4 and Xbox One gamers play together in the future

Last month, Rocket League became one of the few games that allows gamers to play online with their friends, even if they're on different platforms. The developer, Psyonix, wanted the game to be as accessible as possible, and since a mouse and keyboard doesn't offer an edge against a controller, it was a no-brainer. When that happened, many people have started wondering if other games would soon follow suit.

Psyonix stated that they were poised to allow Xbox One and PS4 gamers to play together as well. So far, this hasn't happened, likely because it relies heavily on Sony and Microsoft playing nice with each other. If they can work out their differences, there is another game that might jump on board with cross-play.

Overwatch's Super Bans are great news for gamers

Recently, Blizzard was asked whether or not they would make Overwatch cross-platform compatible. They responded, saying that they are keeping an eye on the cross-platform options on consoles. This sounds a lot like they're simply waiting for Microsoft and Sony to work out their differences, to make it happen.

Don't expect to see console and PC gamers on the same server, however. Blizzard has already acknowledged that the keyboard and mouse cause too many balancing issues to make that possible. With consoles, players are on equal footing, as far as controllers go.