Overwatch gets updated colorblind feature with nine color options

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 21, 2018, 8:59pm CDT
Overwatch gets updated colorblind feature with nine color options

Though Blizzard’s hit game Overwatch already offered a colorblind setting, many players complained that it was inadequate. The solution involved a color filter, not a true colorblind mode, resulting in mass color changes that altered the entire look of the game. That has change, with Blizzard releasing an update that brings nine color customization options.

A large thread on the Battle.net forum details the complaints of colorblind players who describe how the original solution was inadequate. “What does the colorblind mode in this game do?” the post reads. “It’s a filter, so it changes every single color on your screen to a different color…”

Blizzard has addressed this issue in its Overwatch PTR update, revealing that it has added the ability to customize how team colors show up on the player’s UI, including HUD, health bars, and nameplates. As well, hero outlines can be customized with one of these nine colorblind color options.

Players can setup different colors for their friendly and enemy UI, too, helping the player tell the two apart. Anyone in need of these accessibility features can find them under the Options menu in “Video > Color Blind Options.” This is part of a larger update that updates barrier and shield visuals, reduces Brigitte’s shield health and McCree’s combat roll cool-down, and more.

SOURCE: Blizzard

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