Overwatch gets a permanent price cut beginning today

Overwatch's Year of the Pig in-game event kicks off today, and to go along with it, Blizzard has apparently decided to drop the game's price. This isn't some kind of sale to promote Year of the Pig either, as Blizzard says in today's announcement that these price cuts are permanent. If you've held out on buying Overwatch this long, it looks like your patience is finally paying off.

Blizzard says that beginning today, the Overwatch Standard Edition – which is just the base game without any extras – is now $19.99. The Standard Edition launched at $39.99, so Blizzard is shaving off half of its original cost with this price drop.

The Legendary Edition is seeing a similar $20 price drop, which brings it from $59.99 down to $39.99. The Legendary Edition comes packed with a collection of five epic and five legendary skins, along with origin skins for the original Overwatch Team. It also grants bonuses in Blizzard's other games, such a Baby Winston pet for World of Warcraft, Tracer in Heroes of the Storm, and an Overwatch-themed card back in Hearthstone.

Blizzard also launched a new promo video for Year of the Pig today, and it shows off many of the new and returning skins. Capture the Flag is returning for this iteration of the event as well. This time around, Capture the Flag takes place on Busan, but Blizzard says that the previous Lunar New Year-themed maps – Ayutthaya and Lijang Tower – are returning for the event too.

One has to wonder why Blizzard decided to drop Overwatch's price now, nearly three years after release. Since we can't imagine Blizzard divulging that information, we'll probably never know for sure, which will of course lead to plenty of online speculation that the game may be dying. In any case, head down to the comments section and let us know if you'll be picking up Overwatch now that its price has dropped.