Overwatch Doomfist collectible hand-painted statue goes up for preorder

Blizzard has announced a new Doomfist statue available to preorder now. This isn't a toy, mind, but a collectible measuring more than a foot tall. Though the statue is pricey as far as figurines are concerned, the new Doomfist features an incredible amount of detail with a hand-painted finish and base sporting the Overwatch logo.

The new Doomfist statue was unveiled on Twitter, where Blizzard shared a video showing the figurine's details up close. The character, which is one of many from the game Overwatch, shows the character in an action pose, weaponized fist raised for battle.

The statue measures 14.25-inches tall including the base, which is 15-inches in diameter. This is one of multiple Overwatch statues featuring game characters. Other already available from Blizzard include Mercy, Hanzo, Genji, and D.Va.

The new Doomfist offering's price falls into the statue lineup's mid-range at $300, which is more expensive than the Mercy, Hanzo, and Genji statues, but cheaper than the $450 D.Va figurine. Blizzard says preorders will be delivered by the end of Q4 2018, which means it's possible they won't show up in time for the holidays.

SOURCE: Blizzard