Overwatch: Blizzard's online FPS detailed for Beta release

Details on Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch game have begun to spill. At Blizzcon 2014, the company showed the game being played in what appeared to be an early bit of in-game gameplay. This game will be online, it'll be multiplayer, and it'll be both first-persona and third-person action, based on what we've seen thus far. Blizzard describes this game as "team-based first person shooters in objective oriented skirmishes."

What you're seeing thus far is early gameplay screenshots – we're attaining video as fast as possible. This game will likely be released inside the next few years – BETA will be released inside of 2015.

UPDATE: Gameplay preview added:

This game is said to be very approachable – not difficult to play, but scalable based on skill. The release is "nearer than you think" – and it should be, given the fact that it's the first new franchise from Blizzard in 17 years!

The Beta 2015 will begin with PlayOverwatch dot com – and you'll be able to start signing up immediately.

This game will be a "new" genre of game, so say the creators at Blizzard Entertainment. This game is being made available to Blizzcon players throughout the weekend – so expect some hands-on action coming your way soon.

Above you'll see a number of screenshots from the first broadcast. Stay tuned with SlashGear for more information on Overwatch, coming soon!