Overpriced T-shirt wired for iPods

Alright, that's it, MP3 accessories have officially gone too far. Overpriced t-shirts with built in gadgetry is just far too much. When will this madness end?!

Alright, so they have several different colors and designs for both male and female, so they get a few points for that. The still slapped a low pocket on the shirt and just attached earbuds to it. Frankly, you'd probably be better off with a white undershirt with a pocket on your chest.

Then again, that wouldn't be nearly as cool, you have to have the low pocket, high pockets, that's just grungy. The t-shirt is made out of organic cotton and bamboo, so it is at least is a bit more environmentally friendly. The tee is being sold for $70 dollars, yes, for a novelty pocket you get that price tag. The wiring can be removed when it needs to be machine washed.

[via likecool]