Overclocked A-DATA XPG 2133x memory breaks World Record

A-DATA XPG series DDR3 desktop memory may not process the native speed of the World's fastest firestix at 2200mhz, but is capable of pushing 2237Mhz from 2133Mhz though a combination of cooling methodology to break the SuperPI 32m world record.

The SuperPi 32m test was conducted on the DFI Lanparty UT X58 motherboard and A-DATAs' DDR3-2133X v2.0 2GBx3 triple-channel kit. Pushing 2237 MHz at latency settings of 8-7-7-21, folks at A-DATA were able to achieve an unprecedented result timed at 6min 40sec 360ms.

The A-DATA XPG DDR3-2133X v2.0 tripled channel kit memory comes with a heavy set of Aluminum heatspreaders and an active dual-fan cooling system to maximize RAM heat's dissipation. Its distinctive design was previously recognized with the prestigious Taiwan Excellent 2009 Award. Pricing information and product availability were not announced.

Taipei, Taiwan – Jan. 22nd, 2009 – A-DATA® Technology Co., Ltd., a worldwide leading manufacturer in high performance memory products, announced today that its XPG™ DDR3 memory modules have broke a new world record on SuperPi 32m. The record was set by utilizing the DFI Lanparty UT X58 motherboard and XPG X Series v2.0 memory, the DDR3-2133X v2.0 2GBx3 triple-channel kit.

The SuperPi 32m record of 6min 40sec 360ms was achieved at a speed of 2237 MHz and latency settings of 8-7-7-21 using DDR3-2133X v2.0 2GBx3 triple-channel kit.

The XPG DDR3-2133X v2.0 is engineered with heavy Aluminum heatspreaders and active dual-fan to keep the RAMs operate in low temperature environment. Through the combination of the cooling methodology, the XPG DDR3-2133X v2.0 is able to maximize its OC performance. Moreover, it was awarded with the prestigious Taiwan Excellent 2009 Award for its distinctive design.

A-DATA X Series memory represents the ultimate overclocking performance. It was developed to unleash the hidden power of CPU and motherboard by using A-DATA's latest overclocking IC sorting technology. A-DATA XPG modules are guaranteed to satisfy the needs of PC enthusiasts and overclockers for high-performance, compatibility, and stability on memory modules.