Over 8400 Images from Apollo missions added to Flickr

Some of the coolest images that NASA has ever taken came from its early space exploration missions. One of the most ambitious missions that NASA has ever performed were the Apollo missions that sent man to the moon for the first time. It has been decades since those missions ended and many of the high-resolution photos that were taken have been unseen by people.

To allow people to enjoy the images taken by the astronauts a massive cache of over 8,400 images from the Apollo missions have been added to Flickr. The images can be downloaded and kept in your personal collection of you want.

The images are digitally scanned versions of photos taken by Apollo astronauts and have been uploaded in unprocessed versions. Every photograph taken by the astronauts who visited the moon via their chest-mounted Hasselblad cameras is in the collection.

A bunch of other images that were taken from Earth and in lunar orbit were also added to the gallery. The images come courtesy of the Project Apollo Archive. Some of these images had been uploaded to the web before in processed versions. All of the new images are at a resolution of 1800 dots per inch. More photos are coming to the archive with film from Apollo 7, 9, 10, and 13 being added soon.

SOURCE: flickr, Planetary.org