Ovation iDea puts first MP3 recording in a guitar

Techno-guitarmaker Ovation has just announced another breakthrough in the music world. The Ovation iDea is the first ever acoustic guitar to be equipped with a built-in MP3 recorder for laying down tracks at the touch of a button. Not only can the iDea record tracks, but it can also replay the song so you can play along.

If you would like you can even slow down the track without changing the key so learning a song can be made easier. If that wasn't enough there is also a built-in condenser microphone that allows you to record vocals alongside your guitar track. Added features allow you to loop or repeat a track for continuous practicing. Of course the iDea has a USB port that allows you to transfer all of your recorded music to a PC or Mac.

The sound quality of this guitar has yet to be determined, it is made of a composite synthetic back instead of the traditional wooden acoustic body. If your old fashion like me, you prefer the traditional style acoustic guitar over the curved body of the Ovation iDea. In any case this guitar seems worth the time to at least check out. The iDea would come in handy for those on the go or who do not have much in terms of recording equipment. Six hundred dollars is not bad for an acoustic guitar, let alone one that records your music.