OUYA To Release New Console Every Year

It looks like the OUYA will see an upgrade each year. At the 2013 DICE Summit, OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman said that they want to follow a strategy similar to the mobile industry, where manufacturers release new phones each year. However, instead of releasing a brand-new console each year, the OUYA will get upgraded components at the same price of $99.

Uhrman said that the updated yearly consoles will "take advantage of faster, better processors," thanks to the decline of component prices every year. However, it seems that the yearly console will get a naming scheme instead of simply remaining the "OUYA." Uhrman says that each new console will be the "OUYA 2," OUYA 3," and so on.

However, Uhrman assures gamers that all games will be compatible with all the consoles, meaning that you don't have to worry about an older game not working on a newer console. This is certainly great news for gamers, but since the OUYA won't see a release cycle like all the other gaming consoles, one may worry about futureproofing, and the minute they buy an OUYA, it'll be obsolete within a year, something that other console gamers don't need to worry about.

In any case, the OUYA should be a huge it when it release to the public in a few months. In fact, it's already been a huge hit. The Kickstarter campaign collected almost $8.6 million, absolutely shattering its original goal. This first OUYA comes with a quad-core A9 Tegra 3 clocked at 1.6GHz, so if the company sticks with NVIDIA for future consoles, we could see them move to the Tegra 4 chip that we've been hearing a lot about recently.

[via Engadget]