OUYA Everywhere initiative unshackles platform

Brittany A. Roston - Mar 3, 2014
OUYA Everywhere initiative unshackles platform

Ouya‘s Founder and CEO Julie Uhrman recently spoke to the folks at Slashdot, talking about the company’s Ouya Everywhere initiative, which will be officially announced later this week. During the talks, she revealed some details about the “Everywhere” aspect of the initiative, as well what the company has already sealed.

A lot of details are still forthcoming at this point, but according to what Uhrman has revealed, the Ouya platform will be coming to devices besides the console, something that could be a set-top box, according to the founder, or “it could be the TV itself. There’s a number of different ways that games can be played on the television, and we’re actively exploring all of them.”

Conversations about this started at CES, with Uhrman saying “we’re really surprised by the pickup the idea had, so we’re jumping in with both feet and it’s a core focus for us.” Ouya has already penned a deal, though information about that is staying sealed until its announcement in the next couple weeks.

When it was mentioned that Ouya could offer software akin to Steam, she said that was something considered, but for now the company is leaning towards partnering with hardware makers, and acknowledged that these endeavors need to be kept from causing developers unnecessary headache. Ouya itself, likewise, has no plans to stop building hardware.

SOURCE: Slashdot

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