OUYA CREATE Game Jam winners burst forth

In order to get game developers to contribute to the OUYA project, OUYA and Kill Screen collaborated together and launched the CREATE Game Jam. The event was a massive success for OUYA, drawing in around 165 game developers. They drew in developers with special grand prizes, like a $20,000 grand prize, and a $5000 prize for each winner in the specialized categories.

After several weeks, both Kill Screen and OUYA finally have a king to crown in their contest. The game, Strange Happenings on Murder Island, developed by FreeLives, has been crowned the Grand Prize winner of the entire event, scoring them the coveted prize of $20,000. Strange Happenings is an odd, Minecraft-esque game, packed with gun violence, dinosaurs, and possibly drug-induced levels. We can definitely see the entertainment aspect of the game.

There were also 6 special categories in which the winners won the $5000 each. The winner for the "Most Surprising" award was 'Television' by Laboratory Games LLC. The winner of the "Four Bright Buttons and Two Joysticks" award was 'Bombball' by E McNeill. The winner of the "Most Immersive" award was 'Whispering Willows' by Night Light Interactive. The winner of the "Pop Your Eyes Out" award was 'Pipnis' by Santa Ragione. The winner of the "Best Couch with Friends" award was '2D Cube Zombie Platformer' by Molinware. And finally, the "Best Game Created Using the Unity Engine" award went to 'Stikbold' by Team Stikbold.

So congratulations to all of the winners. It was also a huge win for OUYA as well. Not only will the winners of each category be included in the OUYA gaming system, but every other game that competed should be available for the system too. These games are optimized to be played on the OUYA system, and they should make the Kickstarter product that much more appealing when it finally hits the stores in June.

[via Kill Screen]