Ouya co-founder Muffi Ghadiali leaves the company

Ouya is the product of one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns the crowd sourced funding site ever produced. The Ouya is a game console that plays Android games on the big screen in your living room. Ouya has since gone into retail outlets.Ouya has announced that one of its co-founders has now left the company. The exit of Muffi Ghadiali was confirmed this week. The man helped Ouya launch the console on Kickstarter and to the retail world. Before landing at Ouya, the man worked for Lab126, which is the Amazon arm that works on secret projects.

Ghadiali is described as one of the most experienced CE experts on the Ouya team. Ouya confirmed the departure of the co-founder and said that the company is an ever-changing business.

Sources who claim to be familiar with Ouya's operations said that Ghadiali's departure was his decision and not one made by Ouya. Indications are that software on the Ouya isn't doing well and that sales during the holiday showing season didn't indicate interest in the hardware despite price reductions. Whether or not sales success had a bearing on the decision of Ghadiali to leave the company is unknown.

SOURCE: TechCrunch