OUYA appears in FCC as it arrives on doorstep throughout the USA

This week the gaming console known as OUYA has appeared in the FCC as it enters the hands and desktops of users across the USA. This machine is an Android-powered gaming console packing a fabulously powerful NVIDIA Tegra processor under the hood, originally funded by no less than KickStarter by the masses. The device's appearance at the FCC means it's full steam ahead for users about to receive their units in the mail – soon and very soon!

Up top of this particular unit you'll see a cool transparent power button while the sides are a toned-down silver with black accents. This version is ever-so-slightly different from the funder-friendly version being sent to users on the whole right this minute and is expected to be slightly closer to the edition that'll be sent to final purchasers after the funded edition is up and running.

You'll be working with this device soon if you've worked with the creators of OUYA through Kickstarter, while those looking to buy the device after the first edition is shipped will be picking one up just a bit later this year. This second edition – the standard edition – will be priced starting at $99 USD and will come with an 8GB drive capacity while it outputs video via full-sized HDMI.

You'll be powering this device up with a standard power jack (included in the box) while you'll have both microUSB and full-sized USB ports to work with your other mobile devices and peripherals. This device connects with Bluetooth as well, and will be rolling with wireless internet and ethernet – make it work for you!

Have a peek at the timeline below for other recent news surrounding the OUYA console and stick around SlashGear as the final units are shipped from the first edition!

[via Engadget]