OUYA adds Namco Bandai, Plex, and four controller support

There's not long to go until OUYA's Kickstarter project is finally over, but the company is still announcing new features and partnerships left, right, and center. OUYA has taken to its Kickstarter page once again to announce that Namco Bandai is in discussions to bring its games to the Android-based console. Namco name drops some classics such as Pac-Man, Galaga, and Tekken, but it wasn't confirmed that those specific titles would make it to the platform.

OUYA is remaining tight lipped about exactly what you can expect from the console at launch too. Although the team says it has some titles lined up, it can't delve into specifics due to legal obligations. No doubt negotiations are still active behind the scenes, so eager gamers will just have to sit tight until the company is ready to spill the beans.

The team has also said that support for four controllers will be added to the console to allow for some serious multiplayer gaming sessions. The company warns though that supplies may be limited, and urges backers to update their pledge amounts in order to accommodate the extra controllers needed.

Finally, OUYA announced a partnership with XBMC yesterday that would see the popular media center customized to take advantage of the console's software and hardware. There are those out there who swear by Plex, so the team behind OUYA have pledged that the console will support that media solution on top of XBMC. Plex already has an Android port, and works on Google TV as well, so tweaking it to run on OUYA shouldn't be too difficult.