Outsourced Comcast Tech Goes Medieval On Xbox Live Cheaters

Sir Lagzalot from the Halo 3 forums made a post where he claimed to be working for Comcast. Furthermore he claimed to use his notably high level of access to get revenge on some Xbox live players who were DDoS-ing his 360 while he was trying to play.

He goes on to claim that he was a 2.5 tier support agent, which means he was about as good as it gets as far as Comcast support goes and that he was actually employed by Convergsys, a company that Comcast had outsourced some support work to in Canada. Well apparently he got sick of the crap, looked up the kid's IP, and thus had access to his account information, then called his father, who was the real owner of the account. Informed the father of the potentially illegal activities his son was involved in.

Then Sir Lagzalot claims to have heard the man beat his kid with the whole thing ending in what he swore was the sound of an Xbox being smashed. Then the father put the kid on the phone with the "Comcast Rep" and Sir Lagzalot identified himself as the guy they were just being dicks to, talk about Pwned. Anyways, through various efforts he was eventually identified as Mark Ribeiro, his picture above, Comcast has requested Convergsys remove him from the Comcast account and that he be investigated for the likely several acts of unlawfulness displayed by this event. Maybe Sir Lagzalot will write a book about it, "Power Corrupts; Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely".

Sir Lagzalot also offered up screenshots of the App he used to perform this activity and has also made claims of giving up credit card info of Comcast customers. So, this gentleman may in fact be in a lot of trouble, lets see how far his claims of "I can restart your modem with a push of a button...so don't piss me off," go now.

[via DSLReports]