Outlook will finally get email signature syncing this summer

Outlook users have been asking for the ability to sync email signatures across all of their devices for years, something Microsoft revealed that it is working on back in September 2019. It has been a while since we last heard any news about this plan, but a new note on the company's product roadmap reveals that it is close to completion and will be arriving soon.

Email signatures often contain important information that clients, students, or others may need to know — things like phone number, address, social media links, or similar things. Most people use multiple devices throughout their working life, including a laptop, tablet, and smartphone. The ability to sync email signatures across all devices saves time and ensures vital information isn't left out of any messages.

In 2016, Microsoft issued a call to its users, asking them what changes could be made to the Outlook for Windows desktop experience. The suggestion for email signature syncing across devices raked in nearly 10,000 votes, prompting the company to state back in September that it is working on the feature and that it would have more details in the future.

As recently spied by The Verge, Microsoft has published an update to its product roadmap, revealing that its email signature syncing feature for Outlook on Windows will be available starting in June. The feature will include cloud signatures and will be made available to Office 365 and Microsoft 365 customers.

The feature, once it finally arrives, will remove the need to use third-party solutions for signature syncing on Windows, making things easier for businesses in particular. The company has been updating its Outlook products steadily, one of the most recent announcements being the upcoming text predictions not unlike the kind offered by Gmail.