Outlook.com dark mode will officially launch 'very soon'

Dark mode, a feature that changes an app or website's interface to primarily dark shades, is a frequently request among users, but one that has been relatively slow to catch on. Twitter notably rolled out a dark mode to all of its users last year and Reddit introduced its own dark theme as part of its new redesign. Now Microsoft is preparing to do the same with Outlook.com.

Dark mode offers multiple benefits for users, including a more pleasant experience when viewed in a dark environment where a white background may be uncomfortable even at dim screen brightness levels. Microsoft's free email service Outlook.com previously teased its users with something like a dark mode via the Halloween theme it released last year.

Users have requested a real and permanent dark mode, which Microsoft has been working on for a few months, the company revealed in a post on its community forums. In response to a user post requesting a dark mode, a Microsoft employee responded that users "can expect this [new mode] in the product soon."

It seems the feature was expected to launch by this point, but Microsoft experienced a delay. In his post, the Microsoft employee explains:

One reason for the delay is our insistence that we deliver the best Dark Mode of any leading email client (you'll understand when you see it, I guarantee). The sneak preview you saw last year at Halloween was a prototype that required a lot more work to be ready for prime time. We've redesigned the colors and code multiple times and are proud to enter the final stretch.

Though an exact launch date hasn't been provided (and may not yet be finalized), the post states that dark mode on Outlook.com will be officially announced "very soon."