OtterBox Nokia E72 cases arrive

Chris Davies - Dec 10, 2009
OtterBox Nokia E72 cases arrive

In all the time we had our Nokia E72 review unit in, we never really felt the need to drop it, cover it in dust or generally knock it about.  Still, there are more demanding people out there than us, and some of them have a soft spot for an excellent QWERTY keyboard on their smartphone, and so OtterBox have stepped in with two new cases for the E72: a Defender and a Commuter.

The two versions cater for different usage scenarios, with the Defender being the more rugged of the two while the Commuter leaves the E72 less bulky.  The OtterBox Defender first wraps the smartphone in a clear membrane for dust/scratch protection, then a hi-impact polycarbonate shell, and finally a silicone skin that protects against bumps and shocks.  Meanwhile the OtterBox Commuter starts with a screen protector, adds a silicone layer and then finishes with a one-piece polycarbonate casing.

Putting a Defender in your pocket will add 3.09oz to the E72, while the Commuter is a whole lot more friendly at 0.75oz.  The former is $49.95 while the latter is $34.95; both are available now.

Press Release:

OtterBox Covers Nokia E72 Smartphone From Every Angle

Fort Collins, COLO. – Nokia users rejoice! OtterBox releases two cases to custom fit the Nokia E72 smartphone. The rugged Defender™ Series and hybrid Commuter™ Series cases offer Nokia E-series phones the perfect amount of protection from bumps, shock and dust.
Both cases offer full device interactivity with access to camera, USB and micro SD ports, volume keys, light sensor, power key, microphone and ear piece; but the choice of protection is ultimately yours.

Busy lifestyle? The Defender Series for the Nokia E72 has a built-in screen protector, tough polycarbonate shell and a silicone exterior. This three-layer combination protects your phone from dust, dirt, drops and scratches:*

Layer 1: Thermal formed protective clear membrane. Protects keypad against scratching, as well as dust intrusion (layer optional depending on the level of ruggedization desired). Clear polycarbonate window shields display screen and camera.
Layer 2: Hi-impact polycarbonate shell
Layer 3: Silicone skin to absorb bump and shock
The Defender Series for Nokia E72 also comes with a holster belt clip, providing easy access for people on the go.

The Commuter Series is the OtterBox hybrid model, blending features from both the Impact™ and Defender Series. Designed with the polycarbonate shell on the exterior for a smooth transition in and out of pockets and purses, this case also provides three layers of protection against shock, scratches and bumps:**

Layer 1: Self-adhering clear protective screen film
Layer 2: Durable silicone mid-layer
Layer 3: One-piece custom molded polycarbonate shell
“These two multi-layer cases for the the Nokia E72 give customers peace of mind knowing their portable device is safe,” said Curt Richardson, OtterBox CEO. “The Defender Series is our top-selling case for those individuals with rugged lifestyles and the hybrid Commuter Series offers sturdy protection with style.”

Don’t leave your Nokia E72 unprotected; cover it from every angle with the OtterBox Defender or Commuter Series case lines.

Additional Information:

OtterBox Defender Series for Nokia E72

Environmental Protection:

· Drop and Shock- Protection against drop, bump & shock

· Water Protection- Not tested or recommended for water protection

· Dust Intrusion- Dust does not enter in a sufficient quantity to interfere with satisfactory operation or equipment


· Black/Black (silicone/plastic)

Dimensions (case only):

· 4.86’’ X 2.70’’ X 0.75’’ (68.45 mm X 68.45 mm X 19.04 mm)

Approximate Weight:

· 3.09 oz (87.50 grams)

OtterBox Commuter Series for Nokia E72

Environmental Protection:

· Added protection against bump and shock


· Black/Black (silicone/plastic)

Dimensions (case only):

· 4.67’’ X 2.52’’ X 0.57’’ (118.73 mm X 63.93 mm X 14.46 mm)

Approximate Weight:

· 0.75 oz (21.21 grams)

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