OtterBox iPhone 4/4S Defender Series case with iON now available

If you use an iPhone 4/4S and need more runtime for your smartphone a new battery case has launched from OtterBox. The battery case is called the iPhone 4/4S Defender Series with iON Intelligence. We saw this device when it was a prototype back during CES in January.

The battery case is no longer a prototype and is now available to purchase. The case is designed to provide the impressive protection against drops that the OtterBox Defender series is famous for. It's also designed to give you more runtime when you are away from an outlet.

OtterBox uses its three layer protection common with all of the Defender Series cases. The most interesting part of this case is its iON Intelligence capability that automates the power management process. Rather than continuously charging the phone, even if it's fully charged already, the case knows when your phone needs more power. An interactive app goes along with the case and monitors the the amount of battery life remaining for both your phone and the case.

The case has 10 LED lights along the bottom edge to show you how much power is left in its internal battery. The case also comes with a micro USB cable designed to charge the case to allow you to sync the phone at the same time. OtterBox says that the case will charge your iPhone until it reaches 100% battery capacity or for up to two hours before it stops charging. The case will automatically begin charging again when the phone drops to a power level of 60%. The case is available right now for $129.95.

[via OtterBox]