OtterBox finally has an iPad case and accessories made for kids

OtterBox, the company best known for its durable phone cases, has finally launched products designed to protect gadgets from kids. The new offering comes under the OtterBox Kids portfolio, according to the company, which has introduced a case, stand, cable bundle, and glass screen protector with blue light guard.

The new OtterBox Kids products are designed for use with the iPad, including the EasyGrab Tablet Case, which features grip ridges and an antimicrobial design. The cases feature highly saturated color options and, the company says, are made from material that is easy to sanitize.

Joining the case is the EasyGrab Multi-Use Case Stand, a kickstand that can also be hooked to a car seat headrest for watching videos on the road. This stand is included with the EasyGrab case, but can also be purchased standalone when needed.

As mentioned, the new product line also includes a glass screen protector with a blue light guard to help protect the screen from damage and the child's eyes from damaging blue light. Rounding out the new offerings is the EasyGrab Mobile Cable Bundle.

These cables — both an audio connector and a power cable — are made for a child's small fingers. Likewise, the cables are designed to avoid tangling and fraying with 'strain relief' tech at the cords' weak points. The company is currently selling its new OtterBox Kids products at Target, including on its website, with plans to launch it on its own website in the near future.