OSVR's latest "hacker development" headset begins preorders October 1

OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality), an open source platform for virtual reality software and hardware, has announced that next month it will begin shipping its latest public prototype version. The headset, which they are calling a "hacker development kit," will see release as HDK 1.3, with pre-orders starting October 1st and shipping to follow shortly after. The new headset is said to improve optics and display, along with offering a larger view box for those with glasses.

OSVR's latest HDK is far from consumer-ready and isn't meant to compete with the like of Oculus Rift just yet. Instead, its goal is to attract enthusiasts and developers with the hope of gaining more supporters.

HDK 1.3 will use the same IR camera and 5.5-inch 1080p OLED display as version 1.2, but with better optics and an improved lens system. OSVR is also launching a new content discovery platform on their website to showcase games and video compatible with the headset.

The new headset version will be priced at $299, the same as the 1.2 model. Those with older versions of the hardware should be able to buy the upgraded parts separately from OSVR's web store, just like what was possible when 1.2 replaced 1.1.