Ossic X headphones calibrate 3D audio to the listener

Audio fans looking for headphones with high quality sound can now check out the Ossic X headphones that offer something unique. These headphones claim to be the first in the world to offer 3D sound that instantly calibrates to the listener. By calibrating the sound to the listener using head tracking and individual anatomy calibration, the Ossic X headphones claim to deliver an increased sense of auditory space and sound quality.

The headphones promise to calibrate to the users head and ear features to increase the sound quality and ensure accurate sound placement. The maker of the headphones claims that this makes for sound that's ten times more immersive than current tech. The head-tracking tech allows the sound you hear to stay fixed in place as you turn your head giving a sense of acoustic presence.

The headphones have eight drivers inside that work in tandem to allow sound to be directed to the correct part of your ear. That allows the same sort of interaction with sound we get in the real world. This could make these headphones ideal for gamers and VR enthusiast to bring an extra layer of realism to games. To start the calibration process, the user just needs to put the headphones on and the sound is calibrated automatically.

Ossic X headphones are on Kickstarter seeking $100,000 and have raised over $369,000 at the time of writing with 57 days to go. A pledge of $219 or more will get you a set of the headphones with shipping estimated for December 2016. Developers who want to play with the tech can drop $999 or more and receive an early hand built set of the headphones and a production set in November 2016. The early hand built headphones will arrive in August 2016.

SOURCE: Kickstarter