OSIM uSpace Massage Chair - Forget R&R, get M&M (Music and Massage)

I love getting a massage. I'd say "who doesn't" but I do actually know some people who hate it. I have several different products that are supposed to give you a massage but ultimately they are cheap crap. If I had $5k laying around I'd buy myself the OSIM uSpace Massage Chair.

It appears to be the next best thing to the real deal. It gives a full body heated massage and comes with seven different techniques including: rolling, kneading, acupressure, tapping and vibration. You can program your own routine or get a personalized acupressure massage from the machine using its "advanced sensors".

If that isn't enough to sell you, you can even connect it to an Mp3 or CD player and get a massage that matches the rhythm/tempo of your music. The chair also reclines to 170 degrees into a flip up cocoon with built in speakers to surround with music, massage and mood lighting. What more could ask for?

OSIM uSpace Massage Chair Relieves Stress – Unless you're stressed about money [via OhGizmo]