Oscar Mayer seeks Hotdoggers to drive Wienermobile in 2021

In the year 2021, Oscar Mayer is seeking 12 recent college grads to become drivers of the Wienermobile. The Wienermobile, if you've never seen it, is a giant hot dog vehicle that doubles as an advertisement for the Oscar Mayer company. At any given moment, a handful of brand ambassadors – also known as Hotdoggers – are employed and deployed in Wienermobiles across these United States.

If you're out of work because of COVID-19, or you're just fresh out of college and you're completely out of the hot dog water looking for something to do, this might be an opportunity onto which you can glom. Responsibilities include the execution of 200 events during a one-year tour, social media duties for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, driving and maintaining of a Wienermobile, and coordination of all aspects of Wienermobile travel logistics.

Perhaps most important to this position is that the Hotdogger "must be comfortable with daily road travel in the Wienermobile and staying in hotels or short-term corporate housing throughout the United States." Prospective Hotdoggers must also be ready for "'meats' and greets." You're going to need to be living that hot dog life all day, every day, for a full year. It's going to get strange, for sure.

Once given the job of Hotdogger, recruits will attend a "Hot Dog High", aka a two-week training session all about what it means to be a brand ambassador for Oscar Mayer. In the role, a Hotdogger will "safely crisscross the hot dog highways of America in the iconic Wienermobile." The job also requires that a Hotdogger appear in radio and television spots, charity functions, and special celebrations.

Below you'll see the introduction video to last year's Hotdoggers. They ran the show in 2020, bless their hearts.

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