OS X, iTunes, Safari update: 4K display support, better security

Nate Swanner - May 15, 2014
OS X, iTunes, Safari update: 4K display support, better security

Apple sent out an update for OS X and iTunes today, both of which are incremental but make necessary changes. With OS X, support for 4K monitors has improved on both the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro 15-inch. Contact syncing also gets a wired update, as well as some in-depth tweaks most will never encounter.

The OS X changes immediately noticeable to most consumers are listed above, but we also get more reliable VPN connections via IPsec. An update Safari also comes with the update, bringing it to 7.0.3. The new Safari improves push notification options, allowing you to turn off push notification prompts from websites. It also fixes a bug that could block receipt of push notifications from websites. Security gets a back-end update, and sandboxing also gets stronger.

The iTunes update changelog centers around podcasts, where Apple notes an updated “Unplayed” tab. We’ll now be able to quickly find unheard casts there, and browse episodes that are available to download or stream in the “Feed” portal. Save favorites to your computer, or have them auto-delete after you listen to them. The update also improves stability, and fixes an issue where iTunes would become unresponsive when Genius was activated.

The update is available now, so click that little Apple in the top left of your screen and check for it. It takes about five minutes on a solid connection, though Apple says it takes a bit longer.

Source: Apple

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