OS X 10.6.2 reacquires Atom support in latest dev build

Having heard earlier this week that Apple had blocked Atom processor support in their latest build of OS X 10.6.2, we're now being told that the low-power Intel CPU has once again been welcomed back into the Mac fold.  A newer 10.6.2 build, 10C535, has restored Atom support, meaning owners of netbook-turned-Hackint0sh machines may not be left without the latest software in their DIY Apple ultraportables.

Of course, what Apple giveth with one hand they can quite easily taketh away with the other, and there's no final conclusion to this until the release version of OS X 10.6.2 crosses the wire.  It's arguably not in Apple's best interests to block OS X installs on individual netbooks – after all, users are unlikely to say "oh, I can't hack it myself, I'll just go spend three times as much as I did on this cheap netbook on a $999 MacBook instead" – but the tipping point might be whether they reckon third-parties such as Psystar are likely to put out OS X netbooks on a bigger commercial scale.

[via jkOnTheRun]