Orphiro shows off electric motorcycle that looks retro

There are a bunch of green electric cars on the market today and a few electric motorcycles. The thing that most of those electric motorcycles have in common is that they have a very modern and racy look to them. Take the Mission R electric motorcycle we have talked about before, it looks like a racing motorcycle. Some will like that style and some won't. If you are more the cruiser sort that wants a bike with old school style, the new bike from Orphiro may be your ride.

The bike looks like one of the old Harley or Britt bikes from the 60's to me. It's not totally old-fashioned looking but has a retro style that so many cars are using today. The company Orphiro is Dutch and calls the design of the bike a wide-body cruiser. It crams the lithium-ion batteries inside that wide body. The electric motors have a total of 72V of power.

The top speed for the bike is 75 mph so it has enough speed to drive on most roads without being run over or getting the rider the finger for going to slow. The driving range is pretty short though at only 60 miles. I wonder how fast the bike charges. It is set to launch in September of this year at an undisclosed price.

[via Orphiro]