Mission R electric racing motorcycle is awesome!

Electric, hybrid, and green vehicles of all sorts tend to bring economy to mind for most of us. I always think of fuel sipping and low performance vehicles like the Prius or the Volt when electric vehicles come to mind. Electric vehicles do have some performance benefits too like gobs of torque making the vehicles have impressive acceleration that can be better than traditional internal combustion counterparts.

The Tesla Roadster was one of the first EVs that was performance oriented and now a very cool new motorcycle called the Mission Motors Mission R has debuted. The motorcycle is a racing machine that looks awesome. It has a liquid cooled AC induction motor that has 115ft. lbs of torque. The MissionEVT power train has 141hp and stores 14.4 kWh of power in a package that is smaller than a 600cc sport bike.

The bike uses a single gear ratio and can hit over 160mph in that single gear. That means that the rider will not have to shift while other racers go through multiple gears to hit the same speed. The bike will compete in the TTGXP, the world's first zero emissions, clean emissions grand prix held during the Isle of Man TT.