Original Xbox One Discontinued: Buyers Now Choose Between X And S

Microsoft has discontinued the original Xbox One model, leaving new buyers to choose between either the more powerful Xbox One X or the slimmer Xbox One S. The move isn't surprising, and if you were keen on getting ahold of the original model, you still have an option: refurbished. A 500GB refurbished model is still listed as available online via the Microsoft Store for $199 USD.

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As with Sony and its PlayStation console, Microsoft has introduced variants of its Xbox One console, launching arguably necessary adjustments that tweak its One console to keep pace with modern tech.

The online Microsoft Store in the US no longer lists the original console — the refurbished units being the only exception — while the UK store lists the console as 'Sold Out.'

The refurbished models are now the cheapest option for getting the Xbox One, the used models on the private market aside. If you pick up the original model, you can expect it to be beefier than the newer, slimmer S model, and less powerful than the more powerful X model.

Both of those models, of course, are available through Microsoft's online store and other retailers. Price depends on which bundle you get; the Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft edition is priced at $399 USD, while the 500GB Madden NFL bundle is priced at $279 USD. The Xbox One X model is more expensive; the 1TB 'Project Scorpio Edition' is priced at $499 USD. The Xbox One X 1TB will be available starting on November 7 of this year.