Original DOOM just became the best 120fps game on Android

Android has both DOOM and DOOM II with a set of features that make their first launches look pathetic. The folks at Bethesda responsible for upkeep on the games made the effort to make their most legendary games look and feel fantastic on the mobile platform. They both originally launched in July of 2019, but only NOW can you play the lot with a 120 frames per second image refresh rate!

Supposing you've got one of the several smartphones out in the wild today with Android and a display that's capable of displaying content at 120fps. Imagine your luck, Bethesda's released DOOM and DOOM II to the app store – but wait! They only work at 30fps... and maybe 60fps. That was the way, back a bit over a year ago.

Now, here in September of 2020, Bethesda's pushed the games to a new threshold. Now, you, the gaming smartphone user, can take command of two of the most classic games ever made for a gaming PC.

If you're playing DOOM or DOOM II now and miss the ability to upgrade, mod, or hack the game – you're also in luck. This update adds DeHackEd add-ons. This shows definite signs that Bethesda's ready to roll in updating and modifying this game through the future, too.

If you've never played this game on your Android device before, know this! You can play with an Xbox One controller or a DualShock 4 controller, so long as your Android device can connect to said controller.

With your DualShock 4 controller just hold down the SHARE and PlayStation (home) button simultaneously and the controller's light will begin to flash, preparing it for Bluetooth pairing. With the Xbox One controller, hold down the sync button on the back near the LB button until the Xbox logo begins flashing – and connect with Bluetooth. From there, it's time for DOOM.

DOOM and DOOM II are rarities on the Google Play app store. They're both pay-once, own-forever games without advertisements. What is this, 1994? I say thee nay! This is far better than 1994. This is DOOM and DOOM II with 16:9 rendering and the ability to be played anywhere you've got a smartphone. Or you could just check out Delta Touch.