Original Crysis Now Available On PS3 And Xbox

Back in 2007 when Crysis hit the PC, it was the most awesome game that had ever hit the PC. The graphics were incredible and it has very original game play and was just a ton of fun. The game was highly demanding on the graphics cards inside the computer though leading to the most oft asked question of that year when it came to new PCs and video cards, "Will it play Crysis?"

If you are a pure console gamer, you may not have had the chance to check out the original Crysis from 2007. EA and Crytek have announced that they have now delivered the game to the console gamers out there for the first time. The game is on the PlayStation Network for download for $19.99. If you are an Xbox 360 purist, it is on Xbox Live Games for 1600 Microsoft points.

Both versions use the CryENGINE 3 and have been tweaked specifically for smooth gamely on the console. They are also made to support stereoscopic 3D as well. The game is the single player mission from the original PC version. That means you get no multiplayer action here. I am curious to see how this game plays on the console.