Original Blackberry Storm 9530 to get improvements via new firmware

When Blackberry first unveiled its touchscreen only Storm it was hard to get away from the ads and commercials showing the new device off. Once the reviews came out and people realized that the Storm was one of the worst Blackberry devices ever, those who purchased were left with a handset that wasn't up to the typical Blackberry standards.

Word is coming in that the original Storm will be getting updates via a new firmware version. The update is said to add a better browser for surfing the net and flick scrolling. The new Blackberry Storm 2 is due to hit market before long, so it's nice to see RIM throwing the adopters of the first Storm a bone.

The update will make the Storm and Storm 2 virtually identical in software according to a Verizon rep cited by Phone Arena. The difference will be hardware like the Wi-Fi the Storm 2 gets and a sleeker design.