Origin PC Set to Show off Hybrid Liquid-Cooled Xbox 360 Gaming Computer at CES 2011

For companies at the Consumer Electronics Show, showing off your latest, greatest, and flashiest gadgets is a sure-fire way to make sure that people notice you at one of the largest tech-based events of the year. For Origin PC, they're planning on showing off one of the craziest hybrid gaming PCs ever, making sure that they get noticed, and memorized, at CES in 2011. While it may look like a normal, albeit bigger than usual gaming rig, there's something extra thrown in for good measure: a liquid-cooled new Slim Xbox 360.

This new gaming rig from Origin PC not only has a high-end gaming set up inside the case, but one of the brand new slimmed-down Xbox 360s. Microsoft's video game console is liquid-cooled, making sure that it can stand-up to the heat, and extra-long hours of playtime, while in use. The base set-up for the powerful piece of equipment has an Intel Core i7 930 processor, which has been overclocked to 4.9GHz. You'll find dual NVIDIA GTX480 graphics cards inside, along with 6GB of Corsair Dominator memory, clocked at 1,600MHz. The whole set-up is water-cooled.

As for a price? Origin PC says that the base model will go for around $7,669. But if you've got even more money to toss around for something like this, you could always go for the "high-end" version, which Origin says will set you back $16,669.

[via Kotaku]