Origin PC Offers Optional Frostbyte And Cryogenic Liquid Cooling Systems

Origin PC has been making some of the more interesting gaming computers for a while now. One of the cooler things about the computers that Origin offers is that you can customize them as far as your budget allows. The company has announced that it will be offering two new liquid cooling systems as options on its gaming machines.

Origin PC now offers the Frostbyte and the Cryogenic liquid cooling systems to allow for higher overclocking speeds on CPUs and GPUs. The company claims that the liquid cooling system allows up to 5.2GHz clock speeds on a single core processor. The Frostbyte can be used on graphics cards too and is a sealed and maintenance free system. It uses a micro-channel fluid heat exchanger.

The Cryogenic system also allows for high overclocking speeds for the CPU and GPU. It has tech support and a full hardware warranty for up to three years. The system uses a special cooling fluid that claims to reduce temperatures by up to 8-degrees compared to other cooling fluids. This system isn't sealed and comes with an extra bottle of coolant.