Origin goes all-digital: EA's store ditching disks

Come April 4th and all of the games at EA's Origin game store will be available as digital downloads only. What this means is that the store has phased out discs, hence shoppers will no longer be able to buy a physical collection. The digital downloads will be available for PC and Macs.

Going by the stats that Origin claims, the transition will not affect ninety-nine percent of their shoppers. It will be business as usual for them. For the one percent that is being left out in the cold, Origin will not be able to help them; hence they will need to scour other avenues to get a physical copy of the game.

No doubt digital downloads are fast and convenient and are designed to give gamers the best experience. However we cannot forget the fact the online gaming platform was once vulnerable. Going back to last year, a weakness in the platform revealed the potential to allow remote hackers to run dangerous code on gamers' computers without permission. Perverting links used to load titles like Crysis 3 could do this.

A little down the road, and in 2012 many Origin accounts were hijacked. Registered members were sent out an email, informing them that the username, password, and/or email address on file had all been changed. Putting all these hiccups aside, we are sure the future is a lot more promising. So how about downloading a free digital download of the original Dead Space game right now?

NOTE: To be clear, EA Games isn't ditching disks entirely – you'll still be able to buy EA Games disks here and there, it's just EA Games' Origin service that's getting rid of the lot.

SOURCE: Origin