Origin gaming PC boutique builder launches

A few things jump to mind when it comes to gaming PC boutique builders, one of which is expensive. In a poor economy, most consumers are buying cheap computers like netbooks rather than the full featured and expensive gaming notebooks and desktops that sold decently in years past. A poor economy seems like a bad time to launch a new gaming PC company, but that is exactly what Origin has done.

The company has announced its first two gaming machines including the Origin Genesis desktop and the Eon18 gaming notebook. Both of the machines can be had with custom paint including flamed out graphics and more. The company does something interesting with its gaming desktop allowing the buyer to choose any chassis that is on the market.

The desktop can also use overclocked Intel or AMD CPUs and dual or tri AMD or NVIDIA video card options. Dual and triple channel DDR RAM is available and the machine has a Blu-ray burner. Pricing starts at $1,699. The Eon18 has color and paint options and the machine has an 18.4-inch 1920 x 1800 screen resolution. The CPU is an Intel Core 2 Extreme and it has 8GB of RAM. The machine uses NVIDIA GTX 280M graphics and has three hard drives with RAID options for storage. The notebook price starts at $2,599.